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Wilco Botermans
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Wilco Botermans

Living in The Hague, Netherlands with my family, I work in a wide range of art and technology, as educator, performer, composer and technician. During my studies in Music Technology at the Utrecht School of Arts in the previous century, I started playing the theremin, which became my main musical instrument and performance tool. I have performed with theremin and live electronic music since 1997, and have presented workshops about theremin and electronic music since 1999. Via Cultura Nederland I prepare and present science/technology/crafts workshops for primary schools in Amsterdam.

Spel en compositie

In my own music, I use the theremin as main sound source and main controller, together with analog and digital equipment, as well as computers, as tools to create my own language for telling stories in sound.

Exoot en Meneer Dinges

I am a DJ of original popular music for Radio Barkas, and present interactive street theater installations for Exoot and Meneer Dinges.


In 2010-2011 I did a post-HBO course in art education. Since then I prepare and present workshops on art, science and technology for children aged 4-12, most notably in cooperation with Cultura Nederland.


After an introduction into theater sound and light at the Lieve Vrouwen Theater in Amersfoort, NL in 2005, I have been active as an allround theater technician. Most notably with musical theater group Middelbare Meiden.
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