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image of the ESPE01 module
The ESPE01 module extends the range of the Moog Etherwave Standard and PLUS theremins, improves the linearity and gives sound a warmer feel. It was developed by French theremingenieur Thierry Frenkel, with the aim to extend the linearity of the note spacing. Typically the spaces between the notes get smaller towards the high and low register. By lowering the lowest note by about 2 octaves, the lineair note spacing is extended to more than 5 octaves. This gives the player a great advantage in finding the right notes.

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image of the EPVM345 module
Also developed by Thierry Frenkel, the EPVM1345 module improves the volume response of the Moog Etherwave Pro theremin. Original Etherwave Pro theremins have what is called a snappy response. The softest audible sound is already quite loud, as silence is followed by a jump in volume from zero to a starting level of about -40dB. The consequences are not only a reduced dynamic range but also the impracticality of sophisticated expression at very low volume.

Please note, the EPVM1345 module does not function on the Etherwave Standard and Etherwave PLUS theremins.

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